Welcome to Active Loans. We are a logbook loans company that is ready to satisfy your financial needs for any purpose you may have in mind. Our establishment boasts years in operations while delivering quality financial services to our clients. Active Loans is passionate about service delivery and has no limitations as to the credit status of clients who seek to borrow money. This has helped us serve clients with both good and bad credit rating. If you have a CJJ or have been refused loans by other organizations, this is the company to approach. We work with the largest logbook loan sites such as ZLoans, ensuring that all borrowers can easily get approved for logbook loans online. 

What is a logbook loan?

The term logbook loan is used to refer to secured loan facilities offered to individuals who are car owners. This loan is usually offered to individuals who are in a position to repay the loan borrowed. Logbook loans are short term loans that are given to the borrower while the car documentation is held by the lender. These loans are also referred to as the V5 loans. The lender usually expects the borrower to pay back the loan installments as agreed. However, in case of failure to repay, the lender holding your V5 documents or logbook has the right to repossess your car and sell it to settle the outstanding loan balance.

Through Active Loans, borrowers are able to access amounts ranging from £500 to £50,000. The precise amount taken depends on the borrower’s needs and the value of the car used as collateral. While many organizations may shy away from lending logbook loans to people with bad credit rating, we give special attention to such borrowers. As long as one is employed and shows the ability to repay the loan, they can access logbook loans from Active Loans.

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Who really needs a logbook loan?

Logbook loans have been in existence for over decades. It is only in the recent years that logbook loans have been widely used by many to access quick cash. Many people find themselves in need of logbook loans. Such individuals include:

  • People who do not have a credit history and are in need of cash. Such people may find it hard to get money from banking institutions that require a certain borrowing history to offer the borrower a large amount of cash.
  • People who have a bad credit history of a CJJ. Such individuals may find it difficult to access money from financial institutions including logbook loan lenders who focus on individuals having good credit ratings.
  • People who are in need of fast cash. Logbook loans take a short loan processing time when compared to other loans offered. This makes those in need of emergency cash run to logbook loans.
  • People who have personal need for cash. Many institutions restrict the use of money advanced to borrowers. Logbook loans remain advantageous since the lender does not issue orders as to how the funds should be used. The use remains a matter of choice on the part of the lender.

Are there advantages associated with logbook loans?

There are numerous advantages that come with opting to take up a logbook loan.
These include: Variable loan amounts: The loan amounts offered by Active Loans just like in the case of Logbook Lending Store ranges from £500 to £50,000. The borrower is at will to set the amount they wish to take up as long as it adheres to the company policies.
Variable uses: The user is at will to take a logbook loan for whatever use they so wish. This means a borrower can choose to ask for money to buy a new car, upgrading their home, pay for hospital emergencies, or go on vacation.
Variable borrowers: There is no limitation as to who can borrow the amount as long as one meets the Active Loans eligibility criteria. Borrowers with both good and bad credit rating can approach the company for logbook loans. 
Flexible repayment periods: The repayment period is flexible thus allowing for variable installment payment spread out through the loan term agreed upon during the application process.
No checks: Active Loans focuses on the client rather than in their borrower credit history. This works well for borrowers who have a bad credit history. Find out howFind out how logbook loans allow borrowers to repair their credit history status through good loan repayment.