Active Loans as a company has made efforts to ensure that clients can receive the best the market has to offer on logbook loans. Since ours is an established company, we have plenty to offer that many service providers like Whoosh Loans cannot give. We have made ourselves approachable and easy to reach. This in itself exposes our company out to the world for others to see. We are happy to announce that UK residents have in us a trusted company that can deliver their needs. Reasons why you would want to choose Active Loans include:
Flexible loan amounts
Our clients are able to access logbook loan amounts ranging from £500 to £50,000. The amount taken is dependent on the value of the car used, the amount the borrower needs, and their ability to repay the loan.
Fast loan processing
With all the paperwork done and an agreement reached, the loan amount is usually available to the borrower within 24 hours. The response on applications is usually fast reaching the client within minutes.
Simple and fast application process
We have put in place a simple and fast application process through our online platform. On the website, clients are able to fill up the form to obtain a quote in a few minutes. The application form is also easy to fill thus allowing those with limited time work through it fast.
No credit checks
Active Loans runs no credit checks for logbook loan applicants. This makes it the best borrowing alternative for individuals who have a poor credit rating and had their logbook loan applications denied elsewhere. We help individuals that had CJJ’s, faced bankruptcy, or suffered repossessions due to previous loans access instant cash.
Keep your car
Our clients get to keep their car even after receiving the loan amount. During the application, you are only required to submit your logbook or V5 documents for proof of ownership over the car and to give a co-possession mandate to the lender. Other than this, the client still gets to keep the car while pocketing the logbook loan amount all through the loan period.
Undemanding eligibility
Active Loans has friendly eligibility terms. This has made it easy to a vast population in the UK region eligible to receive a V5 loan. Applicants need to be residents in the England or Wales, have attained a minimum age of 18 years, should have a steady source of income, and should be a legal owner of the car used to secure the loan. The applicant will be expected to provide proof of identify, proof of income, proof or address, and logbook. The car used to secure the loan should be fully insured with the insurance terms covering the period the loan will be paid back.
Competitive offers
Active Loans offers the most competitive offers to its clients. We have access to the best lenders all over the UK region. This helps our clients get access to flexible services that can be personalized to meet their demanding needs. Using Active Loans means that you will have a variety of lenders at your disposal and thus allowing the ability to compare the offers that these lenders have and in result selecting the best.
High approval rates
Our clients have access to high approval rates on their logbook loan applications. The flexible eligibility criteria offered to our clients enables many to qualify for our lenders offers. We have very minimal declines if any. Our approval rates are currently ranked at 95% among those who meet the eligibility criteria set for your respective borrowers.